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2005-02-07 - 13:40

hmmmm... seem to be down to almost monthly updates. Shows how little is going on.

Job hunting continues. Nothing much has happened. None of the places that showwed interest last month have done anything yet, the job I interviewed for in January didn't happen (no great loss, really) and I'm currently waiting on a job I talked to a headhunter about last week.

The strangest thing, a headhunter had me do a writing test for a job he didn't actually have for a client he hadn't asked if they have an appropriate position. Luckily, I spent more time procrastinating than actually doing it.

Finally done all the former company work . I hope to be done with them forever, there's nobody there who is interested in actually getting info fast enough to make a client happy.

Yet another month went by without pregnancy but we were both sick during the ovulation week. This month, more effort.

See, I told you nothing interesting was happening.

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