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January ramblings

2005-01-10 - 10:15

Well, it's Monday morning after a lousy night's sleep. The lousy night's sleep is probaby just a factor of too much sugar so I won't continue on about it.

Anyway this is the week my job hunt starts in earnest. While Decmber made me some unexpected contacts and some relaxing itmes and a very slow room painting (more on that later), it's time to see what's happening in the real world.

In December, one of my old company's clients was interested in talking, I have to call them this afternoon. And the company I was talking to last fall called out of the blue just before giftmas and we met the next day.

Both of these were mildly interesting and interested. We shall see what happens when I follow-up today.

Also, in the home front we had a almost pregnancy. I have to do my best not to get excitied. I don't want to have the dashed hopes I had last time lead to over expectations for any lateness. When we know it's happening, that's the time to get excited.

Other than that, I have a few small things to do around the house then, once we have a colour picked out, I am going to sand the bab'ys room floor with a belt sander (it's a small room and a floor sander is asking for trouble) and then refinish the floor.

All in all it's just a nother episode in my chosen life.

More later when my brain is working.

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